Sweden – Finland – France – Agricultural know-how tour nr. I

We finnish farm owners and project managements drove on 8th of September, 2013, via Haparanda to Pålänge, Kalix. There was located our first target place, called ”Land och Strand” . After sauna we met first time the French and Swedish members of the agricultural and touristic know-how filming tour. Right from the beginning I was convinced that we had met interesting and wonderful people. It was a lot of fun to listen all the language mix and people translating to each other. Everybody was not able to speak english or french.


”Land och Strand” was a positive experience. Janne was a great host and his wife Gita an excellent chef, although her real profession is to work as a textile teacher. Land och Strand was ready to lodge bigger groups, too, because they were working in close co-operation with the local small tourist enterpraises. Their lodge was a small village house with cosy ecologial cottages. The old warehause building was repaired for dining and there was a great sauna area from where you could see down to the dining room. The late dinner was perfect: caviar, fish, reindeer and icecream with cloudberries.

On Monday morning we had and opportunity to witness how local Pålänge fishers fishing on the northest part of Northern Sea. The Sea was calm and it was really a meditating experience to be on the boat. These fishermen had really a small factory building on the sea bank where they cleaned the net from the fishes. The main goal for fishing seemed to be to catching vendaces. Kalix caviar is famous around the Sweden and it costs hundreds of euros/kg.


After Gita’s excellent moose goulash lunch, we left to Marieberg, Kalix. . Marieberg locates just about 40 kilometers from Pålänge. There Anders Enström is running his farm, called Mariebergs Wild Country Farm & Adventure Centre. It was a lot of fun to see the big Kalix river rapids. We had a coffee break on the bank of rapids, just in the place where men use to fish in the seventieth century salomon for the king of Sweden. In those days the amounts of salomon where huge: tens of thousund of kilos salomon/year.

In the evening we enjoyed the defense museum area, just a couple of hundred meters from the Marieberg´s main buildings. We had French-Finland quizz competition, in which I must say we did pretty well. The practical part did not go as well, although we had the best quality finnish female tractor driver. Anyway it was adventureous to have an opportunity to drive or be a passanger on bandwagon and ATV. We noticed that Catherine from France was without doubt the queen of bandwagon drivers. Our driver, Helena, claimed that she was even crazy driver. We finns did not catch her.

We ate the dinner in a wooden shelter with open fire . Andreas cooked us some moose and Eva Gunnare  had cooked the starters and dessert. The startes where made with different wild vegetables. We tasted for example juniper cheese and bread flavored with birch sleeves. The eating was an experience, because Eva told us during the dinner her life’s story and she sang in between. We even listened her to sing saamish ”joiku-singing” (saamish tradition).


There was just a little over one hour drive from Marieberg to Rokka’s place in Övre-Kalix. Ola Rokka has five moose and hundreds of reindeers. He was an open person with a lot of humour. The Frenchmen and Ola started the negotiations about exporting some reindeers to Middle-France. The reindeers are beautiful animals. It is no wonder, French people have a desire of them. Ola’s animals seemed to be pretty well tamed. It was beautiful to see how the animals obeyed his calling or even better said singing: The animals ran to us streight away.



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