Varieties of Sommet de l’Elevage 2013 experiences

My father Jussi Sarvela is 84 years old and he still draws machines. No wonder his daughter loves technical gadgets.

I dedicate the  following pics to my Daddy. I wish he had been with me in the show. Sommet de l’Elevage 2013 in Clairmont-Ferrand was full of big and small, red, green, yellow, purple, lila, black, white, brown machines. All kind of colourful and wonderful technical monsters with fascinating details.

Here are some samples of this great mysterious masculine things:

WP_20131003_06220131004182424WP_20131003_0622013100418242420131004182613WP_20131003_06220131004182424201310020131004183007WP_20131003_07020131003150610WP_20131003_0702013100417533120131004175736WP_20131003_07020131004175331201310020131004180046 WP_20131003_0702013100315061020131004180630WP_20131003_05120131003171033WP_20131003_05120131003171033201310020131004201017WP_20131003_05120131003171033201310020131004201557

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