Neural integration is the heart of health

Self-reflective integration is the heart of health, says Daniel J. Siegel.

Not suprise for me!  I have teached reflective journaling and written about it (by using ego states) for years.   I  call reflective awareness by name ”Inner theater” in this journaling method.  We can formulate the ego states from our inner feelings, sensations and emotions. They are the parts of us which we create through out our personal history.

Ego states are learned, habitual, ways to react in certain situations. Ego states are reflections of our culture they are constructed in our relationships. The ego states can be physical body sensations, too. To know them and to direct them wisely is one way to integrate yourself!  Introjections, internalized other people, are especially interesting parts of us.

We are able to create new ego states thourgh our whole life. That increases our resilience. To know our ego states means that we open ourselves to our inner and outer dialogue. We can be in mindfully in dialogue with our bodymind and with our culture and people around of us.  We don’t let us to be  directed just by an autopilot.

The ego states represent different life styles and world views in ourselves. We can use imagination for integrating ourselves in a state which I call ”psychodramatic trance”. Creative reflective journaling with ego states can be a wonderful mindsight practice for self knowledge!

The inner theater is a psychoanalytical tool which uses creative state of mind for self-reflection. We can use our unconscious mind constructively for increasing self-knowledge and awareness. The skilled metaphor work and getting to know our projections is in the basis of creative work in which we  widen our self-awereness!

We can unload the burdens of our ego states and open their barriers between them so that the barriers between the states will be more and more permeable. A healing self is a free flowing ego state process.

By knowing our ego states, we little by little free ourselves from sticking to our ego and it’s states:  We can release ourself to our true beeing, free from any kind of ego states.



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