Consciousness is Organized as a Living Drama in the Theater of the Brain

Robert Berezin, MD, is a new acquiantance for me. Once again I found a scientist whose ideas are in synergy with Inner theater –journaling. I have for some years taught people to write therapeutically with their Ego states. If you want to know your self, you have to learn to now your parts, Ego states. The process is not just a rational process;  it is a mindful self-hypnosis process or you could call it a creative act of self-healing art.

A simple way to map your Ego states is to use Jan Sky’s ESI (Excecutive State Identification). To be an integrated Self is just to get to know your  states and the goal is to make their inner dialogue work in an athmosphare of compassion and respectation. Your Ego states are representations of your historical conditioned behavioral models and  projections, which have started to live a life of their own in your self.

In his home pages Berezin critizes harshly psychitatry:

Contemporary psychiatry has fallen under the sway of biological psychiatry, where patients no longer receive proper care. Today’s commonly held and misguided belief is that human suffering is a brain problem. And the cure for human pain has been reduced to a pill, as if pharmaceuticals address the agency of human suffering. Human struggle is not now, nor ever has been a brain problem. It is a human problem, pure and simple. Psychotherapy has become a lost practice.

Berezin writes in his book (Psychotherapy of Character – The Play of Conscioussness in the theater of the brain):

Our actual experience is derived entirely from our consciousness. Its persona representations comprise the cortical dramas of our lives. If I have a dream of You, it is my cortical representational persona of you. It may look like you, act like you, sound like you, talk like you, think like you, and feel as you do, but it’s not you. You didn’t leave our body in the middle of the night and pop into my dream, allthough it may well feel like ou were there. This is all there is, whether in waking life, in our dream, in our fantasies, or in our art. It is basic adaptational aspect of brain function to make its illusory images feel and seem real. It would not be functional or adaptive, if you were being attacked by a tiger, for example, to wonder if it was real or an hallucination.

Eddie’s mimicry was a form of art. Art is partial trance through which he expressively projected a human story, – art is art-ifice. The synthetic ability of his expressive image-ination allowed him, with the frames of his art form, to project human drama. My receptive imagination took in his drama through the frame of the art form.

All communication vehicles are art – speaking, writing, music, painting, dance, theater, and design. Communication and art are one and the same thing. Art frames are high-end levels of symbolic codes. The particular structure of the symbolic codes differs for each art form. Art forms, as frames of experience, are not visible. They produce the experience, through art-ifice, of direct communication. Each art form utilizes a partial trance and specific codes for the communication of human narrative.

The human narrative is composed of people in story – in relationship, in solitude, in activity, in thinking, and in feeling states. The stuff of the human story is universal to all of us. If you and I share the specific symbolic codes of an art form, I can go into partial trance and transmit a story from my image-ination expressively. And you can go into pa partial trance to take it in receptively, and feel it, and expierience it.

I travel around in the shifting trance states of my bubble of consciousness, and you travel around in yours…

For me it looks like hypnotherapy is a pearl of western wisdom traditions. It’s paradigma (like Ego state therapy) resepects the cliets own world view and his  self-healing qualities. It integrates western  hypnosis and trance traditions to global  meditative and imaginal wisdom traditions.   I think that the methods like Inner Theater and HopeCoaching are going to be the traditions of our new Era.


The client can be educated to be the best professional of his inner world by teaching him to utilize meditation and self-hypnosis states for reveling the deepest Ego states. The process is ever changing flow process.


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