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I am Finnish dentist, hypnotherapist, HopeCoach and NLP-Trainer.  I have for years been interested in bodymind medicine:  hypnosis, self-hypnosis, guided imagery, mindfulness, journaling as a contemplative practice etc. I have personal experience about breast cancer and melanoma. I mostly write in finnish, but here are some blogs written in English:

The Play of Consciousness – Self-Hypnosis or Therapy for Reconstructing the Destructive Internal Play.

Consciousness is Organized as a Living Drama in the Theater of the Brain

The Story of my Flower called Melanoma

Happiness based science or science based happiness?

Monkey Mind or Mindsight – Which one Do You Choose?

Navigate the Social Landscape of your Brain  (by Jan Sky) Part 2

Inner Theater – A Tool for Developing Drama Intelligence


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